Our Story

Established in 2013 // As with any good love story (at least in our book), ours started out with a mutual fondness for fine food and good, really good, wine. In the beginning of our relationship, Chris won Erin over with fancy dinners out on the town accompanied with library vintages of eclectic wines. After we got married in 2008, we found ourselves hosting elaborate multi-course dinners for friends and family, simply because we loved to entertain. It was those early days of being husband and wife that we found immense pleasure in preparing a meal and gathering around the table, for hours on end, with those that we loved. Though it started out as a way to unwind after a hectic, and often stressful, day of work, Chris’ passion for cooking evolved with each plated dish he prepared in our home kitchen. With no formal culinary training, a lot of what he was able to produce came effortlessly and naturally. No recipes, no rules, and some inspiration from roaming grocery store aisles and local farmers’ markets allowed Chris to elevate his game repeatedly.

It wasn’t until 2012 that the idea of entering the culinary world professionally even crossed our minds. Having always created his own job since the age of 18, Chris was looking for a change in our forged entrepreneurial path that would bring back some of the excitement and challenges we were desperately missing as retail clothing store owners. Being a San Luis Obispo native (Chris) and Cal Poly alumnus (Erin) we were (and still are!) constantly seeking new and exciting ways to enhance our own way of living, as well as cultivating a viable way to contribute to our local economy. After a lot of research and careful consideration, Gusto on the Go was born in 2013. Chris’ vision for the business and soul in the kitchen is complimented by Erin’s precision in the details of each event we are a part of and a love for making our clients’ inspirations come to life.

With a passion for flavorful and wholesome cuisine, we at Gusto {GUSTO is pronounced GOO-stoh, and is the Italian word meaning “taste”, or “flavor”}, have handcrafted all of our menu items from scratch, using only fresh, natural ingredients.  We draw much of our inspiration from delectable dishes we ourselves have had in fine restaurants across the country and abroad, as well as experiments that have come out of our own kitchen; all of this in an effort to create and modify a flavor profile that is uniquely our own.  It is our hope to continue to revolutionize the concept of “to go” in San Luis Obispo County by providing gourmet dining that is affordable and available at your convenience via our mobile kitchen, aka food trailer. With the ability to go where traditional caterers cannot, we truly are able to offer you the freshest, no hassle, on-site dining experience possible! Our desire for you is to trust us with your events; that of which is reminiscent of those early intimate dinner parties we used to throw among friends and family.

When we’re not catering, you can find us chasing our two young boys (6 and 8 years old) around our property in the Edna Valley, watching movies or The Food Network, Wine Tasting in San Luis Obispo, and dining out around the Central Coast.  We look forward to the opportunity of getting to know you and tantalizing your taste buds with our menu items full of flavor!

~ Chris+Erin

photo | Tayler Enerle Photography

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