Traditional Menu

    • SALADS

    • Melon+Tomato Salad (v)(gf)


      fresh watermelon, grape tomatoes + basil, tossed w. feta
      cheese + signature citrus honey vinaigrette

    • Caprese Salad (v)(gf)


      fresh sliced mozzarella, roma tomatoes + basil w. olive oil +
      balsamic drizzle

    • Mixed Green Salad (v)(gf)


      mixed baby lettuces tossed w. cucumbers, red onion + grape
      tomatoes; signature balsamic dressing

    • Spinach Salad (v)(gf)


      baby spinach tossed w. feta cheese, tangerines + red onion;
      signature balsamic

    • Garlic Caesar Salad (v)


      crisp romaine topped w. homemade croutons, shaved
      parmigiano reggiano + signature zesty garlic caesar dressing

    • Tart Apple Bistro Salad (v)(gf)


      crisp hearts of romaine, frisee, green apple + shaved
      parmigiano reggiano w. tangy house vinaigrette

    • Quinoa Salad (v)(gf)


      organic quinoa tossed w. red onion, cucumbers + tangy red wine

    • Lemon Orzo Salad (v)


      orzo pasta tossed w. blanched asparagus spears + grape tomatoes;
      housemade lemon + evoo dressing

    • Italian Pasta Salad (v)


      gemelli pasta + cannellini beans w. goat cheese, red onion +
      arugula tossed in dijon vinaigrette

    • PASTA

    • Capellini + Shrimp


      delicate strands of capellini tossed w. sautéed shrimp in a
      white wine + butter sauce
      (v) option- sub fresh roma tomatoes + basil

    • Lasagna Bolognese


      thick layers of lasagna, ricotta + rich bolognese {meat} sauce.
      (v) option- sub marinara sauce + fresh spinach
      {minimum of 12 servings}

    • Spaghetti + Meatballs


      traditional spaghetti w. handmade Italian 100% beef meatballs in marinara sauce


    • Grilled Portabella Mushroom Steak (v)


      marinated in balsamic, olive oil, fresh garlic + dried herbs

    • Citrus Baked Salmon (gf)


      6oz skinless filet of salmon drizzled w. olive oil, salt + pepper,

      garnished w. fresh dill, orange + lemon slices; baked

    • Chicken Marsala (gf)


      grilled herb chicken breast, topped w. sautéed
      mushrooms + garlic in tangy white wine reduction sauce

    • Pork Tenderloin (gf)


      pan-seared, then oven roasted pork, topped w. sautéed
      apples + white wine reduction sauce

    • Tri Tip (gf)


      dry-rubbed beef tri tip, slow smoked + sliced; served w.
      bbq sauce on the side {8oz}

    • Beef Tenderloin (gf)


      pan-seared (hand cut) beef tenderloin filet mignon topped w. red wine reduction sauce + gorgonzola cheese

    • Seared Duck Breast (gf)


      pan-seared breast of duck w. savory blackberry reduction

    • SIDES

    • Steamed Rice (v)(gf)


      steamed long grain white rice

      choose between butter + herbs or cilantro lime

    • Garlic Whipped Potatoes (v)(gf)


      golden potatoes w. butter, sour cream, garlic +
      parmigiano reggiano; whipped to velvety perfection

    • Sweet Potatoes (v)(gf)


      cubed + roasted; tossed w. fresh chives, thyme + cream
      cheese compote

    • Sauteed Mushrooms (v)(gf)


      cremini mushrooms sautéed in butter, white wine +
      fresh garlic

    • Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables (v)(gf)


      may include rustic carrots, green beans, squash, etc.
      choose between being tossed in olive oil + fresh herbs; or
      brown-butter + sage

    • Seasoned Fries (v)(gf)


      classic shoe-string fries tossed in seasoning salt
      served w. heinz ketchup

    • Signature Mac+Cheese (v)


      tender elbows of pasta suspended in pure
      molten white cheddar, mild cheddar, jack
      cheese + special seasoning blend *please note,
      there is no white sauce in our version

    • Smashed Potatoes (v)(gf)


      red or golden potatoes w. skins on drizzled w. olive oil,
      salt + pepper and dried herbs; oven roasted + smashed

    • Fresh Baked Bread (v)


      dinner rolls or baguettes; served w. butter or oil/vinegar

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