Mac+Cheese Bar


    • "Build You Own"


      note: prices are per serving, per person. choose as
      few or as many options from below as you would like
      available to your guests. more options available
      upon request {minimum: 25 servings}


      Signature Mac+Cheese {base}
      tender elbows of pasta suspended in pure
      molten white cheddar, mild cheddar, jack
      cheese + special seasoning blend *please note,
      there is no white sauce in our version

      grilled chicken, kalua pulled pork, gourmet
      Italian sausage, apple wood smoked bacon,
      fresh mozzarella, lump crab or lobster {extra $$}

      sun-dried tomatoes, roma tomatoes, fresh
      jalapenos, caramelized onions, roasted red
      peppers, fresh basil, green peas, broccoli

      buttered breadcrumbs, panko potato chip
      crumble, cornbread crumble, homemade
      croutons, bleu cheese crumbles

      ketchup, mango bbq sauce, homemade
      buttermilk ranch, marinara, chili-lime sour
      cream, balsamic aioli

    • COMBOS

    • The Original Sin

      signature mac+cheese topped w. apple wood
      smoked bacon, buttered bread crumbs
      {optional: ketchup drizzle}

    • BBQ Mac

      signature mac+cheese topped w. kalua pulled
      pork, cornbread crumble + mango bbq sauce

    • The Trifecta

      signature mac+cheese topped w. apple wood
      smoked bacon + real lobster claw meat

    • B.R.a.T. Mac

      signature mac+cheese topped w. apple wood
      smoked bacon, homemade buttermilk ranch +
      fresh roma tomatoes

    • Caprese (v)

      signature mac+cheese topped w. fresh
      mozzarella, roma tomatoes, basil + balsamic
      aioli drizzle

    • Buon Appetito

      signature mac+cheese topped w. gourmet
      Italian sausage, caramelized onions,
      homemade croutons + marinara drizzle

    • The Heartstopper

      signature mac+cheese topped w. apple wood
      smoked bacon, caramelized onions,
      homemade buttermilk ranch + panko potato
      chip crumble

    • Jalapeno Popper (v)

      signature mac+cheese topped w. jalapenos,
      buttered bread crumbs + chili-lime sour cream

    • Little Boy Bleu

      signature mac+cheese topped w. grilled
      chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, bleu cheese
      crumbles + homemade buttermilk ranch drizzle

    • Mac Crabby

      signature mac+cheese topped w. lump crab
      meat, green peas + homemade croutons

    • Veggie Delight (v)

      signature mac+cheese topped w. broccoli,
      caramelized onions, roma tomatoes, buttered
      bread crumbs + homemade buttermilk ranch

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