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featuring desserts by Just Baked Cake Studio & Bakery

{Gusto on the Go’s exclusive dessert partner}






    • Snack-Sized Cookies

      choice of toffee chocolate chip, spiced oatmeal raisin,

      salted peanut butter brittle, snickerdoodles w. cinnamon streusel,

      white chocolate macadamia, or vanilla bean sugar

    • PB Cup Sandwich Cookies (gf)

      chocolate ganache sandwiched between two melt-in-your-mouth, gluten-free peanut butter cookies

    • Thumbprint Cookies

      tender shortbread cookie, filled with choice of house made lemon curd or blackberry jam


    • Gooey Coconut Pecan Bars

      shortbread crust, gooey coconut-pecan filling, semisweet chocolate chips

    • Classic Lemon Bars

      shortbread crust, tart lemon curd, generous dusting of
      powdered sugar

    • The Treats

      crispy rice treats dressed up with browned butter, toasted coconut, and sea salt (add white or dark chocolate coating + coordinating sprinkles for an additional $)

    • Salted Caramel Brownies

      rich and fudgy brownie layered with a swirl of lightly
      salted caramel


    • Seasonal Fruit Tartlets

      buttery crust filled with choice of seasonal berries or stone fruit and topped with crunchy streusel

    • Salted Caramel Apple Tartlets

      buttery crust filled with salted caramel, tart Granny Smiths, a hint of cinnamon, and topped with crunchy streusel

    • Honey Bourbon Pecan Tartlets

      buttery crust filled with chopped pecans in a honey sweetened base with a hint of bourbon

    • Candy Bar Tartlets

      buttery crust filled with salted caramel, dark chocolate ganache, topped with toasted peanuts


    • Key Lime Pie Shots

      buttery graham cracker crust, creamy key lime filling, topped with vanilla chantilly cream, toasted coconut (includes spoon)

    • Strawberry Shortcake Cups

      vanilla bean cake topped with fresh strawberries, rosewater chantilly cream, toasted pistachios (includes spoon)

    • Individual Cheesecakes

      creamy vanilla bean cheesecake with classic graham crust, or rich chocolate cheesecake with chocolate cookie crust (seasonal fruit topping available for an additional charge)

    • Tiramisu Cups

      layers of espresso-soaked vanilla sponge cake and amaretto mascarpone cream, finished with cocoa powder and dark chocolate wafer (includes spoon)
      “beeramisu” variation available: layers of sponge cake soaked in Oatmeal Stout, and Kahlua mascarpone cream, finished with cocoa powder and dark chocolate wafer (includes spoon)


    • Salted Caramel Brownie Shots

      shot glasses filled with chunks of rich chocolate brownies, topped with more salted caramel, and Swiss meringue buttercream (includes spoon)

    • Cake Pops

      select one flavor of cake, and one flavor of coating (chocolate or vanilla) per two dozen; includes basic decoration


      CAKE FLAVORS devil’s food (chocolate)//chocolate peanut butter//lemon//carrot (contains pecans)//vanilla bean//vanilla-cardamom//coconut-lime//brown sugar//olallieberry//strawberry FROSTING FLAVORS swiss meringue buttercreams {chocolate, mocha, lemon, lavender, vanilla, salted caramel, rosewater, brown sugar, peanut butter, fruit flavored, or custom}//cream cheese american buttercream//classic vanilla american buttercream//classic chocolate american buttercream FILLING FLAVORS fresh strawberries//seasonal mixed berries//lemon curd//chocolate ganache//house made jam >>custom + specialty cakes also available<<

    • Petite Cupcakes

      baked in our signature mini brioche cups; minimum order of two dozen {24} cupcakes per flavor selection)

    • Classic Cupcakes

      like mom used to make! minimum order of two dozen {24} cupcakes per flavor selection)

    • 6" Cutting Cake

      consists of four layers of cake, and three layers of filling

    • Tiered Cakes

      each tier consists of four layers of cake, and three layers of filling unless varied tier heights are requested

photo | Katie Ricard Photography

featuring gelato by Leo Leo Gelato

{Gusto on the Go’s exclusive gelato partner}

available as a full service gelato bar // includes three (3) flavor display case {yields ~120 servings}, delivery + set-up of the gelato case, cups, spoons + service // additional gelato pans available {~40 servings per pan} // 1 serving = ~3.5oz // *subject to availability


    • GELATO


      Abba Zabba//Almond//Almond Crunch//Amarena//Amaretto//Blackberry Cheesecake//Blueberry Cream//Bubble Gum//Butterfinger//Butter Pecan//Caramel//Chai//Chile Chocolate//Chocolate//Chocolate Almond Crunch//Chocolate Caramel Swirl//Chocolate Caramello//Chocolate Peanut Butter//Chocolate Vanilla Swirl//Cinnamon//Coconut//Coconut Macadamia//Coffee//Coffee Chip//Coffee and Oreos//Coffee Firestone Beer Merlin Stout//Cookie Dough//Cookies ‘n Cream//Coppale//Eggnog//Fior Di Latte//Firestone Chocolate//Frolly//Gelato Misto – Mixed Italian Flavors//Gianduia//Gianduia Coconut Swirl//Gingerbread//Glandular//Green Tea//Guinness Chocolate//Hazelnut//Honey//Honey Lavender//Hokey Pokey//Irish Coffee//Key Lime Pie//Lavender//Lavender Chocolate//Lemon Ginger//Maple//Mascarpone//Mascarpone Limone//Milk Chocolate//Mint Chip//Mocha//Olive Oil//Orange Cream Swirl//Orange Zest Chocolate//Pannacotta//Peanut Butter//Peanut Butter and Jelly//Peanut Butter Chip//Pear//Peppermint//Peppermint Bark//Peppermint Chocolate//Pinenut//Pistachio//Port Chocolate//Pumpkin//Red Velvet//Rocky Road//Rosemary Chocolate//Rum Raisin//S’more//Sea Salt Caramel//Sea Salt Caramel Chip//Sea Salt Caramel Swirl//S’more//Spumoni//Stracciatella//Stranocciola//Strawberry Cheesecake//Strawberry Chocolate Swirl//Strawberry Cream//Strawberry White Chocolate//Tiramisu//Trick or Treat//Toffee Chip//Vanilla//White Chocolate//Zabaione >>custom flavors may be available upon request<<



      Apple Green//Apple Pie//Apricot//Banana//Basil//Blackberry//Blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon//Blood Orange//Cantaloupe//Carrot//Cherry//Coconut//Cranberry//Cucumber Melon//Cucumber Mint//Fig//Grapefruit//Green Tea//Guava//Kiwi//Lemon//Lemon Sage//Lemon Thyme//Lime//Mango//Mint//Mixed Berries//Modena//Mojito//Orange//Orange Chip//Passion Fruit//Peach//Pineapple//Pink Lemonade//Plum//Pomegranate//Raspberry//Raspberry Chip//Root Beer//Strawberry//Strawberry Basil//Strawberry Chip//Tangerine//Tangerine Basil//Watermelon >>custom flavors may be available upon request<<


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